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Success Stories

We help expats and new Germans find their way through the bureaucratic jungle. 

Here are their stories:

Health Insurance
Allfinanz Consulting
Integration Consulting
Health Insurance
C.F., Italy

C.F. from Italy had some issues with her health insurance. Her employer, also an expat, wasn't forthcoming about her obligations and didn't inform her of changes, resulting in her having to pay back over €8595,61 to the health insurer.

After talking through her situation, we were able to negotiate with the health insurer to find a suitable solution for everyone concerned. She was able to reduce it to 1927.85, saving her 6667,76€ while keeping her adequately insured in the statutory system in Germany.

K.P, Nevada, USA

K.P., and American citizen living in Germany, was having trouble getting the right health insurance after being given the run-around by various German authorities. We sat down and looked at her uniques situation and were able to get her into the statutory health insurance system, making it easier for her to continue her pursuit of her own happiness and affluence in Germany. Later when she decided to take a longer-term trip back home for personal reasons, we worked together with her to guarantee her being able to pick up where she left off upon her return to Germany.  

L.C., Romania

L.C. was worried when her husband's company decided to change the work contract that she wouldn't have the right health insurance coverage for her growing family. When she contacted Affluende, we sat down with her family and discussed the specific needs of every family member and created a solution for every family member for their time here in Germany.

Allfinanz Consulting
D.W., Australia

D.W. from Australia was looking to optimise his retirement planning. After doing an Allfinanz consulting session with Affluende, we were able to find him a solution including additional coverage in Legal Insurance, Liability/Indemnity Insurance, State Supported Retirement Insurance, and Accident and Disability Coverage, without spending any more than before.

Integration Consulting
S.M., Australia

S.M. from Sydney, Australia heard about Affluende from an acquaintance while they were talking in a pub before the COVID-19 Lockdown of early 2020. He was dedicated to learning German and getting set up in Germany, but wasn't sure about the best way to learn the language and get a visa to pursue his music career. We helped him find the right course with a timetable to suit his schedule, while also assisting him with the visa extension process.