Real Gold Savings Plan - an ideal Christmas present?

Mon, December 21, 2020 01:08 PM By Logan

Ideal for your children or grandchildren

The classic first investment for children or grandchildren is often an insurance product with all sorts of additional benefits that, frankly, no child would get excited about! 

If you want to do something good for your child or grandchild for the future, then use precious metals as a form of savings! 
Precious metals have been stable in value for more than 5000 years, have survived every paper currency so far and secure the purchasing power of existing savings very well, especially in times of crisis! 
For children and grandchildren, a savings plan with monthly installments is particularly suitable, through which any exchange rate fluctuations are compensated over time by using the power of cost averaging, which means you can invest at a lower average price! 

With Affluende you have access to precious metal savings plans with the following characteristics:

  • Safekeeping in high security vaults here in Germany
  • Savings plan already possible from 25€ per month or 250€ initial investment.
  • Flexible additional payments can be configured in any amount
  • The monthly savings amount can be increased, decreased or paused at any time
  • Sale of saved precious metals is always possible (tax-free after 1 year!)
  • Purchased metals can also be delivered to your home (as coins or bars)
  • Online access to a personal precious metals account
  • Payment of a “precious metal pension” by setting up a withdrawal plan

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