Securing the future of our children

Tue, September 21, 2021 06:38 PM By Logan

Protecting your children's health and finances well into adulthood – this wish of many parents can now come true

there is still time to take advantage of the changes in 2021
This Article in Brief

  • The KIDZ concept gives your child comprehensive preventive protection for all life situations into adulthood

  • The KIDZ concept introduces children to the responsible use of money and their own finances

  • The KIDZ concept creates a financial basis for your child so that he can start his or her own life as a young adult

If you ask parents what they want most for their children, "health" comes as the most common answer. This cannot be promised to anyone, we are not master of our destiny, we are only master of our decisions. However, with an intelligent prevention plan, it is also possible to cover the health risks that the statutory health insurance companies do not cover. And that's more than you think.

Another wish of parents is to provide their children with a basic financial basis so that they do not start their own lives empty-handed after graduation. In addition to what the parents set aside for their child – for example, part of the child benefit – many gifts of money from relatives come together over the years. Cleverly bundled and profitably invested, this results in a start-up capital that can be seen.

And a third wish of many parents is to educate their children to become independent people who take on responsibility as adults – and this also includes responsibility for their own finances. Families experience the first steps into good financial knowledge and management through the permanent support of their investment advisor, which also benefits children.

Kidz concept - A concept with many components

Perfectly aligned with our credo "Think earlier about later", we have developed the KIDZ concept together with parents – a practical all-round carefree package that focuses on the well-being of your child in every situation in life. It was important to the participating parents and us to give children equal opportunities with access to health, prosperity and education.

In the KIDZ concept, a modular system makes the distribution of pension and savings amounts child's play. You decide which components you want to invest in and how much to invest – and you have the opportunity to flexibly adjust the contributions as your child's needs change.

With the KIDZ Konzept, the future is now child's play!

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