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Wed, June 22, 2022 12:34 PM By Logan

The Basisrente is a good way to financially prepare for retirement - it is particularly attractive thanks to the state subsidy.

a new real estate tax will come into effect mid-2022
This Article in Brief
  • Interesting for all those who wonder how much money they will need later on to maintain their standard of living
  • The statutory pension scheme provides only the most basic cover
  • The Basisrente is a simple and flexible way to prepare for retirement - with government subsidies.
Especially for expats and immigrants to Germany - you need to get a handle on your retirement planning!
I will accompany you with professional advice on all aspects of your finances and security.

Rule of thumb for retirement: 88 to 98 percent of the last net income

"How much money do I need in retirement to be able to live a good life financially?"
Many people ask themselves this question. Researchers at the Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research and the Ruhr University in Bochum provide a clue.
According to their calculations, the net income in old age must be between 88 and 98 percent of the last net salary. In reality, however, the average today is 70 percent. 

The annual pension information shows how high the statutory pension could be in the future. At first glance, however, the amount appears to be more generous than it actually is. For one thing, taxes and other contributions are deducted from the stated pension. On the other hand, inflation is likely to noticeably reduce the purchasing power of the money. Since pensions will rise less than wages in the future and the gap between pensions and earned income will widen, it will become more important to have additional retirement coverage for old age.

The simplest of all subsidies to use: the Basisrente

The statutory pension merely provides a basic level of coverage. There is only one thing left to do - start saving now. Because there is already a state-subsidized pension that everyone can benefit from: the Basisrente.
The most important facts:
  • The subsidization of the basic pension works via a tax benefit that increases from year to year until contributions are 100 percent deductible.
  • In 2022, single persons can claim contributions of up to 25,639 Euros for tax purposes (married couples and registered partners assessed jointly for tax purposes: 51,278 Euros).
  • In total, up to several thousand Euros in state subsidies are possible.
  • With a good solution, savers can decide how they want to invest their money, for example in physical gold to protect against inflation, in a conventional investment, in real assets or in funds to take advantage of the opportunities for returns on the stock market.
  • After retirement, savers will be able to choose whether and to what extent they want to benefit from the return opportunities of the stock market with a fund-based pension.
  • The tax savings from the Basisrente can be reinvested year after year, for example in a private pension insurance policy. In this way, assets can be built up that can be used flexibly as desired and can also be freely passed on to your heirs.

Service that's to the point

The Basisrente Vermögensaufbau product by Generali Deutschland Lebensversicherung AG offers you:

Ultimate flexibility

Savers can combine four investment forms and determine the investment strategy themselves: a conventional investment, investment in funds (broad and attractive, as well as sustainable range of funds), real assets with the Generali Exclusive Fund (not available anywhere else) and physical gold.

Retirement plan with high chance of return

In the pension phase, you can benefit from the opportunities offered by the stock market with a return-oriented pension (fund pension).
Tip: Find out in a consultation how you can supplement your income in old age with the Basisrente.

Get your finances in order!

The Basisrente offers you so many possibilities! Let me show you how it works for you.

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