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A career like no other!

Especially in financially uncertain times: take advantage of a new professional opportunity! Join our team.

What awaits you

Flexibility and freedom

You determine your own working hours and daily routine - for an optimal work-life balance and the blend of family and career.

12 Years Experience

Your salary and also your progress up the career ladder is based on your commitment and dedication. Special successes are additionally rewarded.

Qualified education and training

Your constant committment to personal and professional development is supported by your personal coach as well as an excellent training and further education program.

Your next big chance?

Interested in a 
career as 
‚ÄčFinancial Planner? 

A career with a future
Financial Planning - a profession as multi-faceted as you.

Help people make the right decisions

There are not many professions in which there is an opportunity to help other people directly. Social professions are part of it, as is the doctor or tax advisor. And also the profession of asset advisor.

Especially right now - in times of COVID-19 - we continue to work more successfully than ever before thanks to digital consulting tools at the side of our customers. Others are withdrawing from the market, we are expanding.

But what do customers thank their financial advisor for?

  • For the fact that one day it will be possible to move into your own four walls, because an investment advisor advised you to conclude a building society loan agreement at an early stage and arranged cheap financing for the purchase of the property.
  • For the fact that retirement without any loss of quality of life was already possible at the age of 60 or 63, because at a young age an investment advisor advised to build up a private pension plan.
  • Or for the fact that the government subsidies that have accumulated over the years make up a small fortune, which an investment advisor has helped to achieve through his advice.

The list goes on and on.Financial advisors can practice their profession with pride. Because almost every piece of advice sooner or later leads to concrete assistance for your customers.