• Comprehensive Health Insurance

    Your Health is Everything!

    In the event of illness, you want the best possible medical service for yourself and your family
    Everyone wants the best possible medical care for themselves and their families in the event of illness.
    As your financial advisor, we are here to fulfill your wishes - we'll find you the right solution for your specific situation.
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Private or Statutory Health Insurance? Why not both?

With a private full health insurance you are opting for high quality health insurance with excellent medical care.
If you don't have access to private health insurance, you can still top up your coverage with a variety of options and enjoy similar coverage.

Your statutory health insurance offers a solid basic health protection. However, the benefits of the statutory health insurance are limited. In the event of illness, this often leads to high financial burdens. There are supplementary health insurance options which protect against this risk, and they pick up exactly where statutory health protection reaches its limits - so you pay only for the differnce to get the coverage you desire!
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