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We support you with important information and valuable recommendations for action. In doing so, we specialize in needs-based concepts for the topics of liquidity optimization, employee retention and risk minimization.
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Just like your lawyer, your tax advisor or your IT service provider, for example, we also support you in focusing on your essential tasks and on your core business competencies.

We offer you comprehensive services in the areas of optimizing liquidity, retaining employees and minimizing risks, which are unique on the market in this scope.

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Every company has specific requirements. We help you find the best solutions for your specific issues and individual risks. This gives you the certainty that you have a fixed point of contact for all issues across all sectors relating to liquidity optimization, employee retention and risk minimization. All solutions are perfectly matched to each other, so you don't waste time or money, but concentrate on your core business tasks and core competencies.
Optimize liquidity
Retain employees
Minimize risks
Optimize liquidity

Optimize liquidity

Every entrepreneur, from the self-employed to tradespeople and small and medium-sized enterprises, needs sufficient liquid funds for ongoing business operations.

Rethinking financial investment

Times have changed: A few years ago, you could still increase your assets relatively easily and comparatively safely at a moderate rate. Today, this has become much more difficult.

Central banks continue to push interest rates to historic lows in order to supply the global economy with cheap money. This low-interest phase means that your assets are no longer growing. According to the European Central Bank, this situation will continue for the foreseeable future.

Now is the time to rethink and reorient your investments. Together with you, we develop investment concepts that take into account the current conditions and help you to further grow your assets.
Retain employees

Retain employees

As a company, you are in competition in many respects. But that doesn't just apply to the quality of your products and services.

Personnel issues such as employee recruitment, employee motivation and employee retention are also becoming increasingly decisive factors in today's competition for good employees.

Your employees are particularly important for the economic success of your company. Often, even small but effective changes can help to create optimal conditions for your workforce. And for you.

We would be happy to show you ways of attracting valuable employees to your company, motivating them and retaining them.

Company-sponsored income protection

The manpower of your employees is of particular importance for your business success. But what happens if something really bad happens - are your employees then sufficiently provided for?

Many studies have shown that one in four employees now leaves the workforce prematurely due to occupational disability. In this case, statutory benefits are often inadequate and private coverage is only available to a limited extent, if at all.

However, you have the option of insuring your employees' loss of working capacity through your company, taking advantage of government subsidies.

The main advantages are that the otherwise usual and extensive health check is significantly simplified - which is possible for as few as three employees - and that you can generally also use these advantages for yourself at special conditions.

In this way, you offer your employees extensive benefitsthat they can only receive from you as their employer. At the same time, you positively distinguish yourself and your company from your competitors in the competition for new employees.

Your company pension: as individual as your company

Take advantage of the extensive options and offer your employees benefits that they can only receive through you as an employer. The offer goes far beyond a mere pension scheme. You, your company and your employees benefit from attractive government subsidies.

You decide which benefits you want to use for yourself and your employees, with very little administrative effort.

Health for your employees

Company health insurance (bKV) is becoming increasingly important. For example, your company provides employees with the best hospital care, high allowances at the dentist or for preventive examinations. With these additional benefits, you have a sustainable concept for employee retention.

Last but not least, you can significantly improve the scope of statutory accident insurance (employers' liability insurance associations) for yourself and your employees with benefits from a company group accident insurance policy.

Top benefits for the customer:

  • Benefit upon diagnosis
  • 75,000 € for rescue and transport costs
  • 50,000 € for cosmetic surgery and
  • 3,000 € rehabilitation allowance are covered free of charge
  • Assumption of costs for remodeling work at the workplace and gap coverage for costs of remodeling work in the home

We will be happy to inform you about the possibilities for your company in a personal meeting and explain our overall concept to you.
Minimize risks

Minimize risks

What happens if something happens to the company?

Every company and every entrepreneur is exposed to a variety of risks.

According to our experience, more than half of all companies have incorrect, incomplete or too expensive insurance - unfortunately, this often only becomes apparent when it is already too late.

Together with you, we determine and evaluate whether your protection status is up to date and whether or how it can be optimized.

Protection for your company

One element for your tailor-made insurance protection can be, for example, the company security policy - UNTERNEHMENSSICHERUNGSPOLICE (USP). The USP combines various insurance policies with a TOP performance level and offers comprehensive protection - including against cybercrime - as well as outstanding value for money for almost all types and sizes of business.

Everything under one roof

The coverage needs of a commercial property are many and varied. A major building loss can endanger the existence of your business or lead to financial ruin for you as the building owner.

The new real estate security policy IMMOBILIENSICHERUNGSPOLICE (ISP) offers all-round protection for your property at a TOP performance level. You can put together your individual protection from numerous modules - just as you need it.

Comprehensive legal security for your business and your family

ADVOCARD-360°-GEWERBE offers your company maximum all-round legal protection in your business as employer, tenant or owner, road user and in criminal matters. You and your family are also comprehensively insured in the private sphere, free of charge.

Protection for you and your family

As a company manager, you are the captain of your ship. You are responsible for your crew, steer the course and keep an eye on your goals even in turbulent waters. But your private security and provisions should also be regulated. Particularly important aspects are e.g.

  • Optimal protection for your health
  • Occupational health insurance
  • Private retirement provision
  • Family coverage and protection for surviving dependents
  • Protection against private risks

Let us work together to develop the right solution concept, depending on your individual security needs and your personal financial goals and wishes.