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  • Property Insurance

    Asset Protection

    The term "property insurance" is a collective term for all insurances in which damages are covered by destruction, damage or loss of insured items. Our product partners offer excellent products for optimal and individual protection of your customers.

Asset Protection

Each of us has a fortune - which we want to keep. However, it is exposed to numerous risks over the course of a lifetime. The asset protection policy (Vermögenssicherungspolice, or VSP for short) is an extremely effective protective shield against all possible risks. It offers our customers an individually compiled, all-round concept - according to your wishes.

The VSP contains the insurance modules covering personal liability/indemnity insurance, house and contents insurance, glass insurance, accident insurance as well as travel insurance, residential buildings insurance, and photovoltaics. 

The concept is rounded off with a legal protection insurance and supplementary health insurance.

In addition, protection for private electronic devices is possible as part of all-risk coverage.