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We are About Your Affluence in Germany

At Affluende, we support you in finding the right investment and insurance solutions in Germany, without the guesswork.

Families need to know how to access higher-standard healthcare, how to build a solid financial and education foundation for their children, and how to secure adequate housing. Singles might be more focused on building wealth in preparation for their career - perhaps in the form of real estate investment or income optimisation. Everyone needs to know which government incentives are available to them, how best to plan for retirement, and what risks need to be mitigated along the way.

In life, we need a knowledgeable and dedicated partner  on our side to help us make informed decisions. Affluende draws on over 15 years of personal business experience in Germany and is backed by an award-winning, family-owned German company. We aim to make this knowledge available to as many newcomers to Germany as possible.

Logan D. Williams

Logan Williams

Australian-born Logan D. Williams first arrived in Europe in 2007 to embark on an adventure and find his path to success. 

His endeavours have gained him a wealth of experience and education, along with many accolades within the German social, legal and financial systems. 

Having found his calling and permanently basing himself in Cologne, he now helps other expats, looking to start their journey here in Germany, with an offer of fruition and Success with Affluende!  


"In my experience, many of the issues that expats here face, are, for the most part,  problems that are easily solved with the right approach, knowing what the right approach is, is where we come in." 

                                                                                     Logan D. Williams

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