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Inter-sectoral consulting

What we do differently

There are countless consultants in banks and insurance companies. We set ourselves apart from these industry boundaries. With the help of a coach, you have a partner for all financial questions at your side. Benefit from fine-tuned solutions from banks, building societies, insurance companies and investment companies.

Our approach to financial coaching

Financial success in 5 easy steps

The consultation always starts with a heart-to-heart about you and your wishes, goals, and desires. Building on this, we develop an individual concept that also takes into account government subsidies and tax advantages. Only then do we look at the right products to help you achieve your goals. The result is a custom-fit overall concept, not isolated solutions. In the long term - through a long-term partnership.

Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Step 4
Step 5
Step 1

Your goals and desires

What are your short and long-term goals? Where are you well-positioned? Where are there gaps? And where is there untapped potential to secure government funding (yes, even for non-Germans!). We verify this as part of our thorough financial analysis.

Step 2

Evaluation and asset planning

What I learn during our conversation is carefully evaluated. This results in proposals for your retirement planning, wealth accumulation and coverage.
Step 3

Personal consultation

On this basis, I recommend concepts and strategies that are best suitable for achieving your wishes and goals.
Step 4

Making you wealth planning a reality

Step by step, your wealth planning becomes reality. In the form of a customized concept, flexibly adapted to your personal situation.
Step 5

Lasting partnership

Life is change. The world of finance is also in constant motion. As a partner at your side, I will continue to serve your needs on a sustainable, long-term basis, if you so desire.
What's in it for you in a few seconds

This is financial planning!

One sample concept - KidzKonzept

We don't know what life has in store for us - It's full of surprises...sometimes they're nice...sometimes not so much.

We cannot foresee everything and we can't have influence on everything and that's good, because it makes us who we are.

But our decisions are in our own hands.

It is not about what awaits us, but what we make of it. How we master the challenges and solve the tasks that life presents us with.

And that we take personal responsibility for our actions.

As children, we learn from our parents and role models and orient ourselves on proven procedures and experiences...on values passed down through generations.

But the world is changing faster and faster so sometimes we have to rethink ... evolve
and find new ways For ourselves, the family...and of course...our children.

Prepare your child well for the future. For what counts in life: Respectful cooperation
Honesty. Trust. Taking responsibility - For oneself and for others

We must not take our health for granted
It is our task to value and preserve it.
The right way to deal with finances also needs to be learned

Money does not make you happy, but it gives you freedom and makes your wishes and goals attainable.

How you achieve your wishes and goals is not determined by how the wind is blowing, but by how you set your sails in the future.

Start today.