• Asset Growth & Protection

    It's Your Life

    The Asset Accumulation & Security Plan (Vermögensaufbau und Sicherheitsplan, or VASP) combines in an innovative and comprehensive solution this new and flexible capital investment with the protection against loss of ability to work, serious illnesses, survivor protection as well as total and permanent disability. Now with a uniquely new and shiny addition - the gold-bound system!

Asset Growth, Protection, and Retirement Planning

Private retirement solutions are becoming increasingly important.
When it comes to old-age pension, you just can't rely solely on the statutory pension any longer. If you want to have adequate financial security in old age, you should take advantage of a private pension insurance.

The pension gap has been growing steadily over the years, fewer and fewer contributors have to pay more and more, meaning the supply gap is growing steadily

WIth an ageing population over the years, fewer and fewer able-bodied, younger workers have to pay for more and more pensioners. The statutory pension can hardly be financed in this way. The result: the supply gap is growing. The gap to the usual standard of living can only be closed with a private retirement solution.

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