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By - Logan
Fri, June 10, 2022 10:52 AM

Health is our most valuable asset. Combine your statutory health insurance with private health insurance - for enhanced coverage and rewarding benefits.

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This Article in Brief
  • Insured persons can top up the benefits of their statutory health insurance (SHI) with supplementary packages from a private health insurance company (PHI)
  • If a statutory health insurance company actively cooperates with a private health insurance company or the supplementary cover is taken out with a statutory health insurance company, customers can enjoy advantages.

Health - our most valuable asset

If you ask people what is most important to them in life, their health is at the top of the list. Choosing the right health insurance can make a decisive contribution to maintaining good health for the long term. After all, even those who cannot afford full private health insurance, or those who aren't allowed to switch from the statutory system have the option of closing the gaps that can arise in statutory health insurance.
Insured persons can top up the benefits of their statutory health insurance (SHI) with supplementary packages from a private health insurance (PHI), for example for a stay in hospital, a visit to a doctor abroad or to the dentist.

Lucrative benefits for those with statutory health insurance

People with statutory health insurance can benefit from advantages if they choose an SHI that cooperates with a private health insurer. For example, they save a lot of paperwork by simply submitting invoices to their GKV, which takes over the processing with the PKV. Insured persons then receive the benefits of both insurers without having to worry about deadlines and forms.
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Making expensive treatments plannable

In addition, private supplementary health insurance can cushion high costs. Example of dental prosthesis:
A patient has to have a dead tooth extracted after root canal treatment and renewed root inflammation. They want to close the gap with an implant - a costly procedure. But the patient has taken out private supplementary dental insurance with the cooperation partner of their statutory health insurance.

As a result, they receive the benefits of their statutory health insurance and supplementary health insurance plus increased reimbursement because they are being treated by a dentist from their statutory health insurance's cooperation network. Instead of paying well over a thousand euros, the patient ends up paying not a single cent (see calculation example).

Many more benefits

Supplementary health insurance often offers other benefits, such as a telemedicine. Here, policyholders can get help on suitable treatments, alternative medications, competent specialists or information on a specific illness. In addition, cost savings are credited if they use special bonus programs of the statutory health insurance. 

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