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Mon, June 13, 2022 04:04 PM By Logan

Finally traveling again - that's probably what everyone dreams of. But corona infections, quarantines and other incidents can spoil the vacation. What holiday-makers should look out for in travel insurance.

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  • For all those who dream of carefree vacations - even in times of pandemic.
  • How to protect yourself against risks from time of booking to the vacation itself

Start taking action before you book

Canceled cruises, vacation spots in high-risk areas, infections on vacation - the pandemic has already thwarted many a travel plan. Those who have insured themselves against such events in advance can sleep more soundly. Because they pass on the financial consequences to their insurer - from the booking to the journey to the vacation itself. These examples show which insurances are important for relaxed planning and travel.

If, for example, the vacation cannot be taken due to illness, a good travel cancellation insurance policy will step in and reimburse cancellation and additional costs - even in the case of a corona infection. And anyone who falls ill abroad should be able to rely on their travel health insurance to cover outpatient and inpatient treatment costs, as well as repatriation if necessary, for example after a serious accident.

From theft to flight insurance

Luggage, golf or diving equipment and valuables should also be insured. After all, suitcases and the like can easily get lost. 
If, for example, the loaded car is broken into during an overnight stopover, the insurer should not refuse payment on the grounds of gross negligence.

And finally, legal protection insurance cushions trouble on arrival and departure or at the vacation destination. For example, when enforcing air passenger rights if a flight is delayed or canceled.

The easiest way for vacationers to protect themselves against all eventualities is with a bundled solution. It can be tailored precisely to their personal needs.

All-round protection

From booking to the journey home - this is how you protect yourself before and during your vacation:

Book securely: Cover travel cancellation and interruption even with Covid-19.

Example 1: An insured person becomes infected with Covid-19 before the start of the trip. The insurer should cover cancellation costs even if the person in question shows no symptoms.
Example 2: Due to a positive rapid test one day before the return flight, a vacationer has to spend five days in quarantine. The insurer should bear the additional costs for accommodation and rebooking of the return flight up to a certain amount.

Protection for luggage: Replacement in case of loss or theft

If you're not careful, your suitcase or smartphone can quickly be lost. A good travel insurance policy should therefore cover the replacement value of luggage not only against robbery, theft, burglary or malicious destruction, but also against fire, lightning and explosion.

For checked baggage, a good travel insurance policy offers what is known as all-risk coverage. It also covers you if luggage is lost, damaged or destroyed. And in case the luggage arrives late at the destination, the insurer should also pay for necessary replacement purchases on site.

Sick abroad? Protection against horrendous costs

A coronary illness on a trip to Asia, a serious fall while hiking in the Alps or a car accident on a road trip in the USA - if things go really badly, the vacation ends up at the doctor's or even in the hospital. Abroad, this can quickly be associated with very high costs of many thousands of euros. Because outside of Germany the legal health insurance offers only very limited protection.

In such cases, a travel health insurance will cover outpatient and inpatient treatment on site. Any return transport, for example after an accident, should also be covered.

Tip: People with comprehensive private health insurance should also check whether their policy covers return transport from abroad. Finally, it is optimal if the insurance offers additional help and support around the trip abroad. For example, medical advice before and during the trip.

In case of trouble while traveling: Important legal protection

If the flight is delayed or canceled, a good legal protection insurance is worth a lot. Especially if the insurer covers the costs of enforcing air passenger rights. Legal expenses insurance also helps in the event of trouble on site - for example, if the hotel pool in the catalog picture turns out to be a construction site or the cruise ship fails to call at an important port.

If the tour operator or airline refuses to compensate the traveler, the matter can be taken to court if necessary. A reliable legal protection insurer will pay not only the lawyer's fees but also other fees and charges, for example to experts and surveyors, as well as court costs.

Service to a T

The components of Generali's Property Protection Policy (Vermögenssicherungspolice or VSP) also include a comprehensive travel package and legal expenses insurance. Year after year, VSP receives numerous awards from leading independent analysis companies.

Best Coverage Guarantee

VSP offers outstanding protection in a market comparison. If another insurer offers more benefits, Generali will top up its cover accordingly.

Corona protection

VSP offers outstanding protection in a market comparison. If another insurer offers more benefits, Generali will top up its cover accordingly.

As part of financial coaching, we work with you to determine the best protection for you and check whether existing insurance policies offer the necessary Covid-19 protection.

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