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Mon, July 04, 2022 12:30 PM By Logan

The Zinskonto Plus fits your life: You benefit from modern banking, digital services and attractive advantages.

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This Article in Brief
  • Interesting for all those who are looking for an account with many extras
  • Also: a real alternative to savings and term deposit accounts

Comfort and freedom

The exclusive ZinskontoPlus offers Deutsche Verm√∂gensberatung customers convenience and freedom - thanks to the unique Deutsche Bank solutions:
  • No account management fees for the first 24 months, and beyond if certain requirements* are met.
  • Conduct banking transactions conveniently from home, or on the move, via online and mobile banking.
  • Mobile payments with your smartphone.

In conjunction with a construction loan for the duration of the fixed interest rate period and during the term of a PKSmart or db Privatkredit. With a minimum deposit of 10,000 euros.

Attractive bonus program

In addition, the Deutsche Vermögensberatung credit card can be used in conjunction with the Zinskonto Plus. The advantages:

  • Pay and withdraw money worldwide.
  • Secure online shopping, booking hotels, rental cars and flights.
  • Attractive bonus program with turnover-dependent cashback of up to 42 euros per year.
  • Individual PIN can be set - making it easier to remember.
  • Full control over the credit card with the "My Card" app.

Get your Deutsche Bank Card Plus now

Whether at the bakery next door, in your vacation hotel, or at the ticket machine: With the Deutsche Bank Card Plus, you can pay securely and flexibly anywhere in the world. It combines the services of a classic checking card with direct debit with those of a classic credit card:
  • 25 million points of acceptance worldwide and over 700,000 ATMs.
  • No credit check required.
  • Immediate debit for cost control.
  • Free cash withdrawal within Cashgroup.
  • First year free of charge, then 18 euros per year.
  • Available to young people from the age of 12.

Online banking with convenient eSafe

With the eSafe digital mailbox, you always have the most important documents such as account statements, securities and credit card statements at your fingertips - and it's paperless. What's more, you can handle all your finances at any time with the Deutsche Bank online banking and mobile app. and benefit from online banking with a security guarantee.

Go from saver to investor

Get out of the low interest rates zone - the db ParkDepot Plus is a real alternative to savings or term deposit accounts. And this is how it works:

  • First, you invest an amount starting at 3,000 euros as a one-time investment in a conservative base fund that matches your individual wishes and goals - with all the opportunities and risks of loss.
  • The invested money is always available.
  • Further deposits are possible at any time.
  • The money invested in the base fund can be gradually refined in smaller amounts in target funds.
  • A broad selection of funds brings you closer to your personal goals with a fund savings plan.
  • By regrouping in regular amounts, investors benefit from the so-called cost-average effect: when prices are falling, more fund units are added to the portfolio, and when prices are rising, fewer. This gives you the chance of a more favorable average entry price.

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